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'McSlut' the surgical intern in Grey's, is squeaky clean!

October 16, 2006
By Sally Scott

At last Alex, the wanton surgical intern of Seattle Grace Hospital finally got it on and managed to keep it up with Izzie in last week's literally explosive episode of Grey's Anatomy.

What a slut is our Dr Alex Karev - he who gave all and sundry a dose of the clap in series one.

At one point, Alex even cast his bedroom eyes and wandering eye over surgical intern and on/off wife to Dr Derek Shepherd, Addison Montgomery, labelling her in true Grey's catch phrase fashion "McHot".

The Mc thing has to stop - even the cute one, George O'Malley, has pronounced on the prevalence of Mc nicknames, saying he just might "McVomit'' if it doesn't stop.

But, back to Alex, of the wandering hands, eye, genitalia - promiscuous is his middle name. So what's the lowdown on actor Justin Chambers, a formal Calvin Klein and Armani model among other things, who plays Alex?

How many Hollywood glamour girls has he chatted up and bedded? Well, actually, according to various scandal sources we could lay our hands on - none.

Happily married to Keisha, with five children (yes FIVE) - Isabella, twins Maya and Kaila, Eva and Jackson - Chambers, who is a twin himself, lives en famille in a suburb just outside New York City.

He is 36, of Irish/German descent and yes, that was him you saw in The Wedding Planner - the bloke with the funny accent trying to chat up Jennifer Lopez.

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