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Josh Holloway is terrified his 'Lost' character will be killed off.

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2006-10-11 14:16:15 -

The actor - who plays conman Sawyer in the cult TV show - is paranoid about the writers secretly plotting to put him out of work.
He confessed to Men's Journal magazine: "Everybody in the cast worries about being killed off, and we wouldn't know until they handed us the script - three days before shooting.
"It's a sensitive issue. People have houses in Hawaii, kids in school. Most of us aren't in our twenties anymore." Josh, 37, also admits he can't believe how popular his character has become, despite being such cunning and nasty person.
He mused: "It still shocks me how people love him, but my take on guys like Sawyer is they're just dudes who have a different perspective on how to survive.
"Truth is, there's a little bit of Sawyer in all of us, and that's why people get into him." Earlier this year, Josh revealed that he was being bombarded with female fan mail, including sexually explicit photos from pensioners.
He said at the time: "Strangely enough, it's not all hot girls sending me pictures.
"It's women over 60. The grandmothers are really aggressive too. It's flattering and I'm honoured to be called a sexy symbol but, for me, it's about the art."

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